Communities of Practice; Crafts, Lives and Landscapes

Status : On-going
Date : 2018-2020
Location : Mountain Areas, Pakistan

Partnering with the GCRF Gender Justice and Security Hub led by the LSE and funded by the UKRI, this 5 – year project engages with communities of practice (crafts) in Northern Pakistan that are undergoing conflict and crisis in order to explore the value of craft practices, products in cultural landscapes. Through Laajverd Visiting Schools in 2020, 2021 and 2022, rigorous research and engagement will be conducted with crafting communities in Kalash, Laspur and Skardu to identify linkages between practices, identity-making, material and immaterial landscapes. It will include research on supply chains, natural resource management for craft production, challenges to craft practices and craft heritage. The project will also conduct round table sessions with craft persons, textile designers and market gurus. It will also produce audio-visual stories, publications and exhibitions. For information on the Laajverd Visiting Schools related to this project, please contact