Fatima Hussain

Art Director, Laajverd

An Artist-Curator/Theatre Practitioner based in Lahore and Islamabad. She also runs an artist collective ‘Other Asias’ with Hamja Ahsan. Fatima has presented projects at the Shanakht Festival Karachi, SPILL Festival 2011 (London), Aicon Gallery London, The Guild NY and many others.
Her work over the last few years have addressed multiple issues bringing into it the political, the historical, the everyday, and whether with intention or escape, ‘art’ for her, has fallen within a larger interpretation of the colonized structures, languages and territory.
Fatima is a 2005 graduate of NCA (Lahore campus) where she was trained as a painter. She moved on to Central Saint Martins, UAL for her MA in Fine Arts (2007-2008).