Info Bomb

Status : Ongoing
Date : 23/07/2013
Location : The Subcontinent.

Information Bomb is a comment on the current media strategies that assembles ideas, networks and bodies around itself. It aims to mimic the strategy of the information dissemination in such fast transforming cities by introducing a fictive event that arrests its first set of audience in the form of journalists and news-makers (creative faculty in this case) who in turn, amplify the event and create a gathering around themselves.

Presented at SAVAC in Toronto, the project assembled ideas and networks around a constructed archival document that has been found in the year 2013. The (fictive) document will demand that the borders of the subcontinent be revised in the 67th year (2014) on the basis of natural resources within the region. Based on the idea of sharing natural resources the re-drawn border within the sub-continent, once again introduces a divide between land, communities and people.