Cultural Heritage Management

Status : Concluded
Date : 2018
Location : Laspur Valley, KPK, Pakistan

A series of consultative workshops on cultural heritage management were conducted with local communities in Laspur which resulted in a Museum learning pack for local school children developed by Yumna Sadiq, and a guidelines document on local tourism management developed by Abdullah Aslam. Session 1: Learning in Museums Hosted by Batool Ali and Amirullah Yaftali This is an outreach workshop for local school teachers and elders hosted by Laajverd, led by Batool Ali and Mr Amirullah Yaftali and Co-convened by Fatima Hussain and Zahra Hussain. The workshop is designed to create an awareness of ‘learning’ from museums especially for children. It will address questions such as how can museums become a learning experience for children, how can the space and objects facilitate a learning environment and how can the local community make effective links with its historic cultural landscape? The workshop will develop learning exercises for school children. Session 2: Local Music, Cuisine and Crafts Hosted by Laajverd and Local community This session will introduce participants to the local musical culture, instruments and local tunes by the musicians in the community. The session will be followed by a musical performance. Likewise, the local cuisine session will introduce participants to the local food recipies followed by a tasting event. The locals will also exhibit their crafts and introduce the participants to local techniques of crafting. Session 3: SME and Tourism Hosted by Abdullah Aslam and Asif Yaftali This is a two-part session which includes a briefing from Mr Aftab Rana and a follow-up session with local community to understand how they are experimenting and envisioning economies attached to their cultural respository; skills, knowlege and landscapes. The session is aimed to envision a sustainable Cultural Heritage Management Plan in the face of development in Laspoor Valley.