Laspur Heritage Museum

Status : Concluded
Date : 2017-2018
Location : Laspur, Upper Boooni, KPK, Pakistan

Heritage Museum Laspur is a community-led museum based in Harchin village on Shandur road in Laspur Valley. This museum was designed and curated by Laajverd while supported by the Swiss Development Corporation and implemented by the Aga Khan Rural Support Program. Design: Architect & Curator Zahra Hussain and Architect Abdullah Aslam designed the museum and led the construction and curation. The building has been designed as an octagon around five columns, a recurrent architectural pattern found in traditional houses. The columns hold a strong spiritual significance known as ‘Punjetan’ for the resident Islamaili Community. Moreover, following the tradition of central skylights, the museum celebrates a central source for natural light. The door of the museum has been carefully designed to showcase locally woven textile and carved wood dating circa sixteenth century. Curation: In terms of the curation, Hussain worked closely with Mr. Amirullah Yaftali, who has collected these items with great passion and care. The artefacts are categorised, named and tagged with the instructions and stories by Mr Yaftali and assistance of other local people. The museum follows a flexible and open-layout and will continue to be populated. Watch the process of building the heritage museum laspur here