Ali Baba Baqi Chor

Location : Rawalpindi

An improvised version of the popular Arabic story ‘Ali Baba and the 40 thieves’, with the plot revisited and changed according to the recent times. The play was in the form of improvisational theatre that incorporates mime, nautankye, dance, and a narrator.

The performance resulted after a 3 week extensive theatre workshop held at the Liaquat Hall by the NCA (Rwp) Theatre Society and was performed at the Summer Festival at the National College of Arts, Rawalpindi Campus


Location : Lahore

Agitprop was a week-long collaborative endeavor to create a critical mass of young theatre activists, contributing towards social reform in Pakistan through Theatre. Agitprop workshops produced improv performance within public spaces within cities that would respond to the daily newspaper highlighting conflict by performing out the headline and proposing alternates to trigger the mind of the audience. Towards the end, the performance would open up to a discussion with the intrigued audience,

Tea Sessions

Location : Lahore, Islamabad

Tea sessions are discussion forums (with the eponymous beverage in attendance) that bring architects, artists, professionals, students, and sometimes, strange people to focus and elaborate on prevalent issues and how creative practice can serve to address them.

Past sessions have focused on topics such as the importance of courtyards, context-responsive art and architecture production, and the rehabilitation of the Walled City, Lahore.