Academy for Democracy

Status : Incoming
Date : 15/04/2013
Location :

The project analyses and focuses on contemporary urban conditions using art and architecture to deconstruct and then reconstruct space in order to actively engage with swift transformations in the current geo-political environment.
The project’s intervention is aimed at the intersections between the Academia and the outside[1]. We aim to study the existing structure of academia in order to train the individuals and produce an alternate body of knowledge. By experimenting various ways of dismantling and deconstructing present structure, this research will help create new grounds of thinking, exploring and producing a nomadic body of knowledge that informs individual which enables him to respond to the outside as an active stimuli.
This research is triggered by various questions that evolve out of spatial practices and power structures that deal not only with the design of space, but the way events generate changes in space and how space responds to certain configurations.Each analysis situates itself within the faculty of curation as the power cycle and event as the sculptor of space and subjectivity.

[1] Outside/city – outside context – city – outside the boundaries of academic framework. E.g. local consumers of the product. Passive users.. etc.